Borrowing Materials

Library materials and equipment available for the use of patrons consist of:
  • Loanables – books, DVDs, audiobooks, music CDs, magazines and other items which may be removed from the Library for a given period of time if the items are properly checked out at the Library circulation desk.
  • Non-loanables – reference books, current magazines, computers, and other items which may not be removed from the Library.
  • Interlibrary loans – these are materials obtained for a borrower from a Library system outside the Delaware Library Catalog. Please see Library staff to submit a request for an ILL item. Costs incurred in conducting out of state transactions may be passed on to the borrower. Regular overdue charges will be assessed. Failure to comply with this policy may result in the suspension of interlibrary loan privileges.

  • Books – Three (3) weeks
  • DVDs – One (1) week
  • Other – Three (3) weeks
  • High Demand – Two (2) weeks

Items are renewable, unless the item has a current hold and has been requested by another Library patron. DVDs may be renewed three times for an additional week (7 days) each time, unless the DVD has a hold. Books are eligible to be renewed 3 additional 21-day loan periods.

Overdue material is that material which is not returned to the Library at the close of business on the date it is due, or returned in the book drop prior to the opening of the Library on the next business day following the due date. Overdue charges are computed for each day the Library is open. If the libraries are closed because of inclement weather, materials due on that day may be returned without penalty the next business day. In periods of extended inclement weather, where libraries may be open but travel to libraries by patrons difficult, the Director may use discretion in adjusting the due date.

The Library staff calls patrons whose books are overdue as a service to remind borrowers of overdue materials. Failure to receive such a reminder does not exempt the borrower from fines. Failure to pay charges and to return material will result in the loss of borrowing privileges.
  • Patrons with overdue materials will receive a text, email or a phone call as first and second notice. A final notice is mailed to the patron.
  • If the borrower receives an overdue notice for Library materials and believes materials have been returned, he/she should notify the Library.
  • If the materials are located in the Library, patron will be notified, records will be cleared and no further charges will be made.
  • If the borrower locates and returns the materials, fines will be charges from the date due until the date returned.
  • If the materials have not been located at the end of three (3) months, the borrower will be notified of the replacement costs of the missing item(s).

[Note: Library issues three notices – and the final notice is mailed. Item is sent to “lost” after three (3) months.]  Failure to pay the charges will result in the loss of borrowing privileges. 

Lost material is the material which is legally charged out to the borrower, and which the borrower is unable to return to clear his/her circulation record. The borrower shall pay the current list price or replacement price of the lost materials as set by the computer system.

Damaged material is that material which is not returned in the condition in which it was checked out, allowing for reasonable use.
Minor damage which can be repaired by Library staff will be assessed by the Library Administration. If the damage is such that the material must be discarded, the borrower will be responsible for the current new material or replacement costs as set for lost material.

  • Books: Fines are .10 per day that the Library is open.
  • DVDs: Fines are $1.00 per day that the Library is open.
  • Once overdue fees reach $5.00, the Library patron is blocked and cannot borrow any other items or use the public access computers until fines have been paid in full or brought under the $5.00 limit.
  • There is a $10.00 maximum fine per item.
  • Lost or damaged items: Cost of the item.
  • Lost card replacement: $2.00 each.
  • Computer Printing: .20 per page black and white copy; .50 per page color copy.
  • Mobile Printing: .20 per page black and white copy; .50 per page color copy.
  • Photocopies: .20 per page; .50 per page color.
  • Fax: $2.00 for the first page; $1.00 each additional page.
  • Fee schedule for overdue, lost, damaged materials, or other special services, has been set by the State of Delaware Department of Libraries.

All circulation records and other records identifying the name of Library users are confidential. Such records shall not be made available to any agency of local, state, or federal government except pursuant to such process order, or subpoena as may be authorized under the authority of, and pursuant of local, state or federal law relating to civil, criminal, or administrative discovery procedures or legislative investigating power.

Upon receipt of such process, order or subpoena, the Library’s Board of Commissioners will be consulted to determine if such process, order or subpoena is in proper form and if there is a showing of good cause of its issuance.

Service will not be denied or abridged because of age, gender, race, color, religion, nation origin, disability or sexual preference.