In 1940, the New Century Club, under the leadership of President Mrs. Samuel M. Ellis, recognized the need for a public library facility. The Club enlisted local community support for the project and gained the approval of the Delaware State Library Commission. The Delmar Public Library was formally organized with its first Board of Trustees and was dedicated on April 24, 1940. That first library site was a tiny room, only 12 feet by 15 feet and was located in the Marvel Building on Grove Street.

For 30 years, the Delmar Public Library remained in the Marvel Building, serving the town with a two-room library. In 1970, the Library moved into St. Stephen’s United Methodist Church’s opened community center building. The library claimed 1,836 square feet of space and seating for 27 patrons. The library also increased its hours of service to 46 hours per week. The current Delmar Public Library facility was built as a memorial to the late Delmar resident, Lyndall C. Hayman, his wife, Virginia, and his son, Robert. Additions to the library were dedicated on April 29, 1990.

In April 1940, the Delmar Public Library began service in a one-room library. Seventy-five years later, the Library is an asset to Delmar, offering print, audio, and eBook collections, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, online resources, as well as free Wi-Fi and internet access and an array of children’s, teen, and adult programs throughout the year. We support the needs of economically disadvantaged and unemployed residents, families with young children, public school students, and senior citizens.